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Jul. 16th, 2007

05:33 pm - Evangeline Rose has arrived!!!!

oh boy, finally a minute to update... Life has been incredibly busy this last week. Last Tuesday at 12:26 pm Evangeline Rose McCann arrived into the world. She was 7 lbs 13 oz and absolutely beautiful.

I was overdue and supposed to be induced on tuesday morning at 10 but Eva had other ideas.. On monday night my labour started. At first I thought it was indegestion because I had had a bag of cheesies and in my early pregnancy corn always gave my really bad stomach cramps, but it turned out not to be indigestion. I was getting contractions all night and my labour progressed pretty quickly. I didn't wake anyone up thou which was probably kind of silly, but I didn't want to inconvinence anyne. Waylon had the alarm set for 6 and by that time my contractions were about 5 minutes apart.. we called my dad and he arrived about a half hour afterwards and we went to the hospital. It was pretty relaxed thou, I was not about to be rushed around.. We got to the hospital at about 7:30 and checked in and went upstairs to the delivery ward. By the time I got there the contractions were about 3-4 minuts apart and I was 8 cm dialated... The labour went progressivley harder especially after they broke my water and they gave me some laughing gas for the pain. I ended up going through about a tank and a half by the time I was ready to push. Man that was tough.. It took me about an hour and a half to push her out. I was so happy when it was over. They put her right on my belly afterwards and I was so happy. We were in the hospital one night and went home the next day. Of course I since I work at the same hospital that I gave birth at, I had to go visit the office and show Miss Eva off :) I was so happy to be home..

More to come later,Eva just woke up and she wants mommy...

Apr. 30th, 2007

04:37 pm

Time to update again...

Things are going pretty good right now. I'm at 31 weeks of pregnancy, I feel big, and tired all the time. Debating on what should be me last day of work. I'm scheduled to start my vacation on May 24th but I might push it up to start on May 10 instead. I go to the doctor tomorrow so I'll talk to her about it then. I had another ultrasound today cause the dr thought i was carrying small by about2 weeks, but everything is all within the normal levels which is good. Evangeline is 3lbs, 13oz now. I find it amazing that the ultrasound can tell her weight :) She's still very active, ad she's started getting the hiccups which feels funny. We got a good picture of her face and we got to see her heart beating and her mouth moving. i'm so excited about her arrival.. I want her here already!

We're about 90% sure we found a house to move into. It's not my first choice of areas, but the house is nice, 3 bedroom suite upstairs and 2 bedroom suite downstairs which is perfect for both us and Jeff. There's a decent sized backyard too which will be good. And the elementary school is the next block over, which will be much better for Lydia, she has to walk 8 blocks to school now.

I'm almost finished school, 4 chapters then the final. Hopefully I'll be done in 2 weeks. That will be such a relief to be done.

Wow, the next month is going to be nuts. First finish school, then finish work, then move. Then unpack and prepare for Eva's arrival for the next month. Whee!

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Feb. 13th, 2007

07:56 pm

Holy geez... I'm finally updating! I looked back and it's been nearly a year since I've last updated..I gotta write in this thing more often. lol

Well, the big news is that there's going to be a new addition in our family :D I'm 20 weeks pregnant. We found out that it's a girl! Miss Evangeline Rose McCann. My due date is June 30.. I'm so excited!!! I'm feeling great, and feeling her move lots now, she's really active, lol, the ultrasound technician was having trouble taking her measurements yesterday, because she wouldn't stop moving! I've got quite the belly growing for me anyways seeing as I'm usually so tiny.. I've gained 15 punds so far, and I would like to gain maybe 20-25 pounds more. I gained about 35 total with Lydia so that'll be about the same.. Then again, Waylon was a 10 pound baby, so I might gain a bit more, lol. Lydia's so excited about having a sister too :) I was kinda hoping for a boy, just cause I would love to have a son, but having another daughter is going to be wonderful.. I can't wait to hold her and see Waylon with the baby, I think he's really happy about having a girl, he;s going to be such a wonderful dad.. I feel so much better emotionally this pregnancy in some ways.. having a partner who really supports me, and one who wants the child inside me, is alot better.

We're planning on moving prolly for May 1st into a house. There is no way we can fit a baby in the apartment.

Work is going well, I'm just started training in WCB, which is kinda pointless as it will take me a few months to learn everything, and then once I am comfortable, I go off on mat leave.. My last day will be May 24th, then I'm on vacation and then I start my maternity leave.

I'm in school now as well. I'm taking my Payroll Compliance Practitioner Certification. I've already finished all the other courses that came with the program, like Word, Excel,Outloook... Now I'm doing my actual payroll course. There's 3 sets of books, and I've finished the first one (80% on final!!) I havent gone for almot two weeks now, because the school hasn't received my second set of books yet.. I'll be finished school on June 1st, so everything is finishing at the same time..

Well that's what's going on now in a nutshell...whee!

Feb. 20th, 2006

01:10 pm

oy what a week it's been.... I miscarried the baby..

It all started Last Tuesday I went for my first OB appt, and they couldn't find the hearbeat with the doppler, so they sent me for an ultrasound the next day. I found out then that there was no heartbeat and no fetal movement and I had a bunch of cysts on both of my ovaries, which almoist crushed me.. it was wierd too cause I was already showing, at that point I wa 12 weeks but my elly was that of 15-20 weeks.. I went back to the dr on Friday and he said I neded to go to the hospital and have a D&C.

Such started my hospital adventure.. What I thought would be day surgery like the last one turned out to be a three day visit. I was told to go in on SAt morning at 9am, which I did, I wasn't allowed to eat or drink anything from mignight the night before. I ended up sitting in emergency waiting room until 2:15. Man are those chairs uncomfortable. When I finally got upstairs, it was tome to wait, and wait, and wait some more. I had no answers about when my surgery was going to happen until that evening. I found out at 11 pm that my surgery was bumped until Sunday because an emergency early labor had come in. I freaked out, almost hysterical, l was hungry, thirsty and tired of waiting, plus I couldn't get ahold of Waylon because I had the phone.. I finally got ahold of him after I found out I was staying the night through Carol and msn. That was the firsat information that he was given so he couldn't come to visit me. They finally gave me some food at 11:30pm which stayed down for about 5 minutes before coming back up. lol, it's kinda funny looking back at it now.

Sunday morning was more waiting until 11am when I finally got word that OR was coming to get me. Once I got down there I found out that I had a partial molar pregnancy, wich in itself was not good, and that my hemaglobin was REAlly low. They had to get some blood from the blood bank just in case I neede a transfusion during the surgery. It was funny before the sugery because I work in payroll at RCH, so I was bugging them that they better do a good job or I screw up they're pay, lol. I had the D&C and it went well. I didn't need the blood transfusion... yet... After the surgery they gave me some morphine, which felt kida wierd.. could barely keep my eyes open. At least there they were able to wet my mouth, which felt sooo good. I went back upstairs at about 3 and felt a bit better, still reallyu weak. Found oput that my hemaglobin was extremely low. It was 58 when normal is about 110. I wasn't allowed to even get out of bed, not like I felt like it at that point, lol. I ended up getting a transfusion of 2 pints of blood the first of which came just as my dad came back with Carol and Waylon :) I was so happy to see them. Unfortunately my dad freaked them out, basically saing I was almost at death's door.. Waylon was really upset when he saw me, he was so worried about me.. I had dinner about 5 which was sooooo good. The nurses had given me gravol before just to make sure my food would stay down. While I was eating I visited with Car and WAylon and then my parents took Carol home, and Waylon stayed until 7:30. After he left I peeled through on of my DAnielle Steel books and final;ly fell asleep at about 11:30.

This morning was nice, I woke up to Waylon kissing the side of my face :) We hang out for a bit before the Dr came in to see me and explained everything to us. I had a molar pregnancy which is basically when 2 spern fertilize the egg, but the egg didn't split, causing an abnormal fetus, if it had progrssed as normal I would have had twins :O!!!!!!!!! It explained alot of things like my nausea and the cysts, which was caused by my hormone levels going thuogh the roof. They checked my blood again and found out that my hemaglobin was up to 91 which was ALOt better. I felt alot better this morning too, alot more chipper and back to my old self. The Dr released me and told me to make an appt this week to check my hormones. I'm going to have to go in weekly to her to make sure my homnes go down. After she left I had breakfast which was good cause I was starving, again. I was still hunjgry when we left so we went to the TIm Horton in the lobby where I ran into some of my co-workers. That was kool, I talked to them and let them know what was going on, and asked them to let Janette, my team lead, kniow what was going on. I told them, that should all things go well, I would be back to work next Monday. After we left the hospital, we went and made thew appt with the dr, and then went home.

It feels soo good to be home. I talked to Lydia this morning and she was so happy to hear from me. Sh'e's been staying at Carol's place this weekend. I can't wait to see her, I miss her so much..

Phewph, that was a long one.. for the next week I'm stayng home. I checked my bank after I got home and found out my EI came in.. Thank god.. I was really worried about that. It feels like everything is settled now. I'm not allowed to get pregnant for at least 6 months bacause of my hormones and stuff. O well, When we can we'll try again, I really wanbt to have another baby but it'll just have to wait a bit.

Here;s a link to Molar pregnancies:

Now off to help Waylon with the laundry...

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Jan. 18th, 2006

02:54 pm - Whee, for my birthday I get to get fat :P, with big tits!!!

I got the best birthday present ever yesterday... I found out that I'm STILL PREGNANT!!!!!

I found out I was pregnant a little before xmas, then in the week between xmas and New years I started spotting. On Dec 30th it was bad.... I went to the dr the next day and I was completly sure that I had miscarried. Since the start of 2006 I still been feeling really crappy, still getting all of the symptoms of being pregnant...actually they had gotten worse, at least the nausea has. This morning was one of the few mornings this year that I haven't had to RUN to the washroom... I hate morning sickness.. but I digress..

I went back to the dr last friday and told her how I was feeling and she immediately sent me to go for a blood test on Sat and Mon. I did those, and went back to see her yesterday, my birthday.. I was still pretty sure that I had a miscarriage, but part of me was really hoping that I didn't.

It's the bleeding that's been scaring me.. It was so bad before, and yesterday it almost gave me a heart attack. I was fine in the waiting room, but as soon as I got into the exam roon, I started bleeding really heavily again, really red, whereas before it had dropped to very light, and a browny color.

She checked my blood work and told me that the results did not match with me having miscarried.. I was like what?!?!? She then took out what I think is called a doppler, the machine that lets you hear inside your belly.. and we heard my heartbeat right away, and then after a few min of searching, she found the baby's heartbeat!! Wow, that was so wonderful to hear.. Nice and strong too, about double the speed of mine. The pretty much brought me to tears :) She arranged for me to have an ultrasound on Thursday morning and told me to go home and put my feet up. I asked her if I could go back to work, and she said no, that she wanted me off at least a week.. Thank god for sick leave :) So I got a note from her. After leaving her office and stepping outside, I coughed, and passed something.. HOLY CRAP did that scare me. I went to the washrom and wrapped it up, and went straight back to her office and tole them I neede to se her immediately. So she checked it out and told me not to worry, that it was juat a blood clot. and ever since I passed it, the bleeding has gone back to what it was before, very light and brown. Wierd

I took the note back to work and gave it to me team lead, Janette. She has been so good about all this, I feel bad about taking all this time , but she just told me that my health comes first and not to worry about it. One of the good things about working with all women, lol.

So, as of now, I'm a little over 9 weeks pregnant. due sometime around mid-late August. Ugh, hugely big through the summer.. That's one thing I'm not looking forward too.

I'm so happy :D

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Dec. 25th, 2005

12:47 am - Merry Christnukkah!!!

wow it's been awhile since I updated this thing.. so much has happened in the last little bit. W started working for Concord, which is really cool. It's gonna make things a whole bunch easier here. Just in time too..., last weekend we found out I am pregnant :D I'm almost 6 weeks along. Still a long way to go, I went online and figured out my approximate due date, August 21st. Summer baby! I can't wait, Other then my boobs beung freakin sensitive and painful, I don't really feel pregnant yet.. That shouldn't last too long thou, lol, I have a picture of myself at my brothers wedding, and I was about 4 months pregnant with Lydia, and you could see the bump.

Christmas has been really good so far. We went to Waylon's dads place for turkey dinner tonight. Yummy! We ended up watching The Grinch and The chronicles of Riddick, both good movies. When we got home we opened the presents, cause Lydia is spending xmas morning with her dad. She was so happy with her gifts, We got her a pink dvd player as the big gift, she was thrilled. Waylon liked what I got him too, I got him SAn Andreas and a dremmel like rotary tool. I got some really cool stuff, some kid certificates and a dvd from Lydia, An Eminem dvd, a small cd carrier and a book called The Vulgar Tongue, which is basically a dictionary of slang :), and from Jeff I got the WWE board game! dude!!!! I gotta get some ppl over to play. I got Jeff the Law and order board game... He liked that. Tomorrow me and possibly Lydia are going to Car and Dan's place for another xmas dinner.. Then on Monday we're going to my parent's place for a hanukkah dinner.. W has to work both days unfortunately, but what can you do.. We both have Tuesday off so that'll be nice.

2006 is looking to be a very busy and fun year. both of us working, moving out of here hopefully by July into a house, a new baby, and possibly a wedding... Wheeeeeee!!!!!!

Happy holidays everyone, I hoppe everyone's having a good one


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Aug. 19th, 2005

07:08 am

1. Go here.
2. Pass it on.
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May. 29th, 2005

11:16 am - CNN Oops...


Apr. 28th, 2005

11:12 pm

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Apr. 25th, 2005

04:37 pm

Reply with your name and I'll tell you something I adore about you.
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